Fence Drawings to AS1725-2010

The attached drawings and specification is to provide you with a simplified sunmmary of

Previously chain-link fencing has been specified as chainwire fencing, chainmesh fencing, wire mesh fencing or by a generic brand name called Cyclone fencing.

The Australasian Fence Industry Association is committed to maintaining high standards for the supply and installation of chain-link (chain mesh) security fencing.

Following frequent requests from architects, engineers, specifiers, local government authorities and fencing contactors for information on chainmesh and chainwire security fencing details, the AFIA has produced two standard chain-link security fencing drawings.

The fencing details on these drawings are compliant with the Australian standard AS1725.1- 2010, Chain-link fabric Fencing – Security fences and gates.

First drawing features a heavy duty chain-link security fence with 3.15mm wire for longer, durable service life in higher security applications.

Second drawing, light duty chain-link security fence, has 2.50mm wire and may be selected for light industrial applications where security and durability are a lower priority.

To down load a FREE PDF copy of these drawings clicks on the link below:

o Heavy duty chain-link security fence drawing

o Light duty chain-link security fence drawing

However for a more comprehensive understanding of the Chain Link Fencing Standards we recommend that all stakeholders should consider purchasing a down load copy or hard copy of the complete Australian standard AS1725.1 - 2010 Chain-link fabric fencing – Security fences and gates contact   SAI Global Limited Phone 13 12 42, email [email protected]