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Expert, economical design and manufacture of new and existing spring components If you are looking for *precision coil and flat springs*, *metal pressings* and *wire forms* then you need to deal with experts who specialise in this field. *NZ Spring Works* is a *family business* with a /lifetime of knowledge and experience/ in *spring design* and *manufacture*: together with a /genuine pride in our workmanship and customer service./   NZ Spring Works Ltd *Precision manufacturers of coil springs, wire forms and flat spring products since 1990* NZ Spring Works, located in Lower Hutt, Wellington, New Zealand are experts in the manufacture of compression, tension and torsion springs, wire forms and flat spring products. NZ Spring Works has gained an excellent reputation for being masters in the spring manufacturing industry The company has produced quality products for a variety of clients, including The NZ Defence Forces, Railways, Government Departments, Shipping Companies, Furniture Manufacturers, Roller Tilter Doors and Agricultural springs plus many more. NZ Spring Works is committed to helping our customers with their custom spring and wire form requirements. The innovation of the management team combined with the highly skilled workforce ensures delivery of a quality product in time to meet your needs. We make it our business to help you succeed by offering a service second to none: /Unchallenged quality and competitive pricing./ *Leaders in spring design and manufacture* If you need precision springs design and manufactured to the strictest tolerances – with a very low reject rate – then we can help. NZ Spring Works is a family business headed by Kevin McTaggart, with his son Andrew as production manager. Please feel free to contact Kevin or Andrew to discuss your requirements. [1]   -------- MANUFACTURING CAPABILITIES ------------------------------------------ We specialize in small and large runs of precision springs from 0.3mm to 16mm material. We have facilities for component assembly of your parts and products. We offer a design service that takes your ideas or challenges to assist you in creating a solution. Free quotes offered. [2] We also do Straightening and Cutting. [3] *Equipment and coiling capabilities* *Compression springs:* Semi Auto 0.3mm – 16mm material High speed Auto 0.3mm – 10mm material *Tension springs:* Semi Auto 0.3mm – 16mm High speed Auto 0.3mm – 10mm *Torsion springs:* Semi Auto 0.3mm – 16mm High speed Auto 0.3mm – 8mm ***Wire Forms:* Formed and pressed parts 0.3mm – 12.7mm High speed Four slide 0.3mm – 2.5mm Strip. *Flat or strip springs and clips:* Formed and pressed parts 0.3mm – 12.7mm High speed Four slide for strip springs and clips 0.3mm – 1.2mm x 12.7mm Wide *In house tooling* We offer our clients an in house tooling solution where we can fabricate tooling to the customer’s requirement removing the costs involved without sourcing. *Quality and inspection* We have developed our own quality control systems specific to the spring manufacturing industry. This allows us to take full control of your project from the time of order through production to delivery. We have a customized inspection room containing load testers a Rockwell tester and comparators         *PRODUCTS* Compression springs *You push them, they push back* While they all serve different purposes, compression springs all work on the same principle; they offer resistance to linear compressing forces. You push them, they push back! Helical Compression Springs are the most widely used type of metal spring. Virtually every major industry relies on the use of compression springs. Production-line machines to surgical equipment to the engine in your car; all use compression springs. They store energy more efficiently than just about any other device available. They range in size from the [1.5mm diameter] springs under the keypad of a cellphone to the [180mm diameter] shock absorbers in large trucks, aircraft and heavy machinery. Conical springs are capable of compressing to a length under load that is shorter than a normal straight coil spring. The rate of a conical spring is variable as each of the larger diameter coils close under compression then the spring rate becomes higher. Extension Springs Extension springs work in the opposite manner to compression springs; they resist stretching, or tensile, forces. When the ends are pulled apart, the spring tries to bring them together again. Like compression springs, extension springs absorb and store energy. Unlike compression springs, most extension springs are always under some degree of tension, even when under no load. This initial tension is what determines how tightly together an extension spring is coiled when there is no load applied. Springs can be manufactured with varying initial tension to suit different applications.   Torsion Springs Torsion springs are different to both compression and extension springs in that they do not work on linear forces but exert a torque, or rotary, force. They work by providing resistance to the twist or rotational forces. They absorb and release angular energy or hold an object in place under tension. Flat Springs Flat springs are flat strips of material that, when affected by an external load, store and release energy. Flat springs control deflection within small or restricted spaces. A flat spring can also function as a spacer. A beam / cantilever spring, recoil springs, motor springs and constant rate springs are made from flat material.   4 Slide Products 4 Slide machines take coiled wire or flat material from a coil, straighten it, feed it and cut it to the required length. They then form it and eject a finished part. All these operations are done automatically at high speed. Parts are highly precise and the quality of each component is very consistent.      Agricultural Tynes Springs for Agricultural Machinery. Hay Rakes – Bailers and other types of machines. Custom Rings and Clips NZ Spring Works manufacture custom springs and clips in all shapes and sizes for many purposes in different industries and applications.         Paint Hooks The paint hook is a common example of a basic wire form. Paint hooks can be any length or configuration. Contact NZ Spring Works   Physical Address: 113 Hutt Park Road Gracefield Lower Hutt 5010 New Zealand *Phone:* (+644) 568 5090 *Fax:* (+644) 568 5091   Postal Address P.O. Box 30013 Lower Hutt *Email: *[email protected] [4] [5] or alternatively use the [6]form below... [7]           [1] [2] [3] [4] mailto:[email protected] [5] mailto:[email protected] [6] [7]

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