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Australian Security Fencing Pty Ltd


Welcome to Australian Security Fencing Pty Ltd
Designers & Manufacturers of a wide range of high security perimeter products 

Australian Security Fencing Pty Ltd is a major player in the Australian industry of high security barrier fencing and electronic detection systems.
From customer specific design to high quality manufacturing and certified installation, Australian Security Fencing has won the trust of prestigious clients such as the Sydney Harbour Bridge Alliance, Department of Defence, Sydney Water, Railcorp, RTA, Mercedes Benz and many more.
Australian Security Fencing was established in 1988, and is one of the few companies that manufacture security fence detection systems within Australia.
Locally supplied raw materials allow Australian Security Fencing to guarantee that the products we produce are of the highest standard and conform to Australian and European standards.

Australian Security Fencing has experience in manufacturing for export markets across the Asia-Pacific region and beyond…..
Australian Security Fencing provides training, management, commissioning of systems and audits for many of our customers both locally and overseas.
High Security Fencing Systems manufactured by Australian Security Fencing are SCEC Endorsed.


About Australian Security Fencing

Australian Security Fencing Pty Ltd has well-established design, manufacturing, service and installation divisions. We provide security fencing, mesh fencing and commercial fencing. This makes Australian Security Fencing Pty Ltd a major contributor of security fencing detection systems and physical barriers in Australia. Having been in business since 1988, our experience in perimeter security has provided Australian Security Fencing Pty Ltd management and staff with invaluable hands-on knowledge and the ability to create and understand systems that can deliver all levels of security, intimidation and detection.

Australian Security Fencing's Pty Ltd research, development and testing facilities are imperative aspects when operating under the concept of producing high quality Security Fencing products with results that exceed the client's expectations. 

It is this dedication and experience that make Australian Security Fencing’s Products, the ultimate choice for your perimeter Security Fencing solution. Our systems are designed and made in Australia. We are proud to be one of only a small number of companies that manufacture security fence detection systems in Australia.

Australian Security Fencing Pty Ltd Philosophy

To maintain the highest standard of Security Fencing craftsmanship with attention to detail and quality. The utmost importance is placed on efficiency to ensure the completion of any specific Security Fencing project within a designated time frame.

The company aims to accommodate the individual needs of the customer while maintaining the above mentioned qualities and specialises in adapting to customised requests.

Australian Security Fencing P/L

Australian Security Fencing P/L are proud sponsors of the Annual Variety Bashcar rally. This charity aims to inspire & enrich the lives of children with disabilities across Australia, with the supply and support of specialised equipment and services, computers, educational needs, and recreational activities such as the Liberty Swing and Sunshine Coaches. Australian Security Fencing providing mesh fencing and commercial fencing.
ABN: 39 003 934 094
Master License No: 407 843 392
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Company Information
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Chain Link and Welded Mesh Fence
Address 1: 
138 Fairey Road
South Windsor
Phone Number: 
+61 2 4577 9633
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+61 39442 4577