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About Us


Welcome to OneSteel Reinforcing, the reinforcing steel supply company that strives to be 'Better and Different'.


Quality, Service and Solutions are the hallmarks of the extra value we aim to deliver to you so you can save time, cost and people on your next project. We have many years of experience in delivering innovative products and services to the construction and mining industries in Australia.

We started as Aquila® Steel in 1928, so we have a long history. Along the way we have incorporated other leading reinforcing businesses such as Boral Steel, Queensland Welded Mesh and Marner Steel & Mesh, and in 1997 as BHP Reinforcing Products we launched our new reinforcing solutions business positioning with the “Reinventing Reinforcing” tagline at the Concrete ’97 Conference.

Since then we have pioneered leading edge reinforcing solutions in Australia.

These include:

  • 500PLUS® REBAR - The first high strength reinforcing bar (including N10mm)
  • 500PLUS® BAMTEC® rollout rebar carpets - The world’s fastest steelfixing system
  • 500PLUS® ROMTECH® rebar girders - An innovative tunnel support system
  • 500PLUS® PREFAB - Our wide range of off-site prefabricated elements
  • ONESLAB® - Our complete supply package for detached house slabs
  • ONEMESH® - Cut & Bent reinforcing mesh and CRCP solutions
  • UTEMESH® – Compact, easy to carry mesh for driveways, paths and patios
  • MINEMESH® - Our tailored roof support system for coal & metalliferous mines.

These include:

  • REODATA - a handy pocket sized booklet full of technical data on REO
  • REOWORKS – a comprehensive CD and DVD combination
  • REO WIRE GAUGE – a handy tool to measure the mesh wire sizes
  • REO BAR GAUGE – our new tool to measure rebar diameters
  • REINFORCING.COM – a newly updated website
  • REINFORCING.TV – on our YouTube™ channel you can see our products and services in action and listen to our customers talking about the benefits they get from using our reinforcing solutions.
  • National Products and Services catalogue - the most comprehensive reinforcing handbook available and comes in A4 size for the office and a handy A5 size for the car or the ute. It comprises of more than one hundred pages of information with product codes for easy ordering from our national network of branches
OneSteel Reinforcing is Australia's premier supplier of steel reinforcing solutions for commercial, residential and civil construction as well as the mining and agriculture industries and manufacturing sector. A national branch and distributor network service customers Australia wide supplying quality steel reinforcing products to Australia's largest construction companies and the home renovator. OneSteel Reinforcing has ACRS certified world-class manufacturing facilities and innovative engineered reinforcing solutions to reduce labour needs and streamline construction.


So please take a look at the videos on our products, and download or request our data sheets, brochures and tools


Housing & Renovation Solutions

Housing and Renovation Solutions


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